Software built to meet all needs of companies dealing in professionally and sporadically safe data erasure. Full compliance with NIST 800-88 Revision 1 and other standards guarantees the highest level of security. Built-in audit tool – SPEC – is designed to give your company full and trustworthy information about hardware that you store and sell.

Full control over your hardware

Build-in audit tool collects information about all connected computers, providing you with full specification of each one of them.

Ultimate erasing methods

State-of-the-art drive erasing methods used by our software prevent your data from ever being recovered (even by the most advanced tools) and they do not reduce the lifetime of SSD drives. Erased drives were sent to leading data recovery companies and no bit of data was ever recovered

Predicting your needs

Software analyze your monthly license spendings and success rate of erasing process, not only to predict future needs, but also to recommend best ways to deal with faulty drives.