The tests confirm that WIPERAPP® effectively erases data from hard drives, rendering it unrecoverable using forensic techniques aligned with ADISA Test Level 1.
ADISA Claims Testing:
Device Tested: SanDisk SSD Drive (Model: SD8SB8U128G2000)
Software Used: WIPERAPP Version 4.3.0
Testing Methodology: ADISA Claims Testing (ACT) v1.0 and ADISA Testing Methodology v1.18
Test Results:
ADISA confirms the claim is true for the tested device. All forensic data recovery techniques up to and including ADISA Test Level 1 failed to recover any user data.

NIST 800-88 Compliance:
In addition to ADISA testing, WIPERAPP has undergone evaluation to determine its compliance with the NIST Special Publication 800-88 (revision 1) standard for
secure data erasure. Specific results regarding the tested SanDisk SSD drive
using the "Purge SSD- SATA" method are available upon request.
Combined, these independent assessments demonstrate WIPERAPP's effectiveness in permanently erasing data from storage devices, ensuring a high level of data security for businesses and individuals.

WIPERAPP achieving the EAL4+ level Common Criteria (CC) certification signifies a significant accomplishment.
•  Security Target Definition: WIPERAPP collaborated with security experts to define a Security Target document:
- WIPERAPP's functionalities related to data erasure.
- The targeted types of storage devices the software operates on.
- The security features implemented to safeguard the data erasure process.
- Claimed functionalities like audit record generation and data wiping verification.
•  High-assurance level (EAL4+). This level demands a rigorous evaluation process to ensure the software's robustness against sophisticated attacks.
•  Advanced Penetration Testing: Employing a wide range of techniques to exploit potential weaknesses in the software and assess its resistance to cyberattacks. This involved simulating real-world scenarios where attackers might attempt to bypass security measures or recover erased data.
•  Achieving EAL4+ indicates WIPERAPP underwent exceptional scrutiny, providing strong assurance of its ability to permanently erase data and resist sophisticated attacks.
While the specifics of WIPERAPP's certification process remain confidential, the general framework outlined above provides a comprehensive understanding of the demanding nature of achieving an EAL4+ CC certification.